• Welcome to St. Helen's Church, Cliffe.

    We are currently in a time of interregnum.  This means that we have a vacancy for a new vicar.  During this challenging time, we ask that you please bear with us.  Our church wardens, Licensed Lay Minister, members of the PCC along with other volunteers from the congregation will do their best to keep serving our community through our usual church services, meetings and events.  However, there will inevitably be some adaptations and our usual pattern of services may be disrupted.   Below are our services for August:

    .Upcoming services

    7th August - 10am Service of the Word

    14th August - 10am Service of the Word

    21st August - 8am BCP Holy Communion

                         10am Service of the Word

    28th August - 10am Holy Communion



  • When Jesus ascended to heaven, as described in the Acts of the Apostles, He left the disciples staring up looking in to the sky. You can imagine they must have felt very lost and alone, but the disciples were soon getting on with the job of building a Church.

    We, as a church, probably felt the same after our vicar moved on to new pastures. We became as a church in a state of interregnum, that is we are without a vicar, the position is vacant and soon the process of searching for a vicar, or a priest in charge, will start in earnest and adverts will go into the places that aspiring ministers look.

    For us though it is not that bad a thing. It means the word church comes in to being. A church is not just a big building; a church is about the people who find their peace and their comfort by being with likeminded people; all having a common belief in God and Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.

    Being without a vicar means we have to fend for ourselves. We have to be a true Christian community, all coming together to work in various ways to bring Christ into the life of our community.

    The amazing thing about interregnums is it is the opportunity to discover our faith, to think about what we want from a church, not just concentrating on the Sunday service. It maybe that we want to join some fellowship evenings or maybe to come and enjoy mowing or weeding the churchyard.

    It is a time for us to learn. We have visiting ministers who come to do the odd service of communion for us, and we see how it might be done differently. Each and every one brings their own vision of the gospel to us; each one shows us another way to worship.

    It is a time to grow; to discover skills that we may not know we had. Whether it is to read a bible passage, or read the intersessions, or sing in the choir, or just make tea (which is the most important job in any church!).

    Interregnum is a time too for us to reflect on our faith; to discover what God is calling us to do; to think about how we worship; how we can reach out to our community. What is it that the community wants from their church? It is a time for mending broken things, a time to welcome in those who need a place to come and find comfort or to seek answers, or welcome back those who did not feel valued.

    Whoever comes to take the lead in our church will be chosen by God. In fact they are already chosen, they just don’t know it yet; and neither do we but we can prepare a welcoming and a happy thriving church for them to lead us on to the next part of our spiritual journey.

    Dave Green

    Licensed Lay Minister


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