Latest Vicar's Letter

Sunshine on a rainy day


The recent bank holiday saw the first of the Hobbs’ family trips down to the village tennis courts. Regular readers of this letter will realise that this could mean only one thing (and no I am not talking about spectacular sporting action). As we headed down the road it was a sunny, if slightly windy, day. As we started play, the sky was blue but as time went by so the clouds began to gather in the northern skies. The mother of all hail storms was on its way.

There are times in life when we know the storms are coming. When Jesus told the story of the wise and foolish builders (Luke 6:46-49) he didn’t say `if the storm comes` he said `when the storm comes`. Storms come in life and no amount of faith in Jesus holds them back. His promise isn’t that he will get rid of the storms of life.

As I watched the clouds coming in, something odd happened. You could see that the hail was falling in the distance, the grey streaks between sky and ground were a give away sign. However, the clouds split in two and a patch of blue sky appeared directly in line with where we were. It was a moment, just enough of a moment, to change a nappy and get a little girl into the pushchair. Then the heavens opened and we were all battered by the hailstones. We faced south and walked backwards towards home to shield ourselves from the worst.

I remember the hailstorm but what I remember most was that patch of blue sky. I see blue sky all the time but this small patch stands out. When the storms come, when we look upwards, we will see that blue sky, however fleetingly, and it will be a reminder of hope, of God with us. God is there and God does care, don’t lose hope but hang onto it.