Supporting St. Helen's Church

Did you know...


St. Helen's Church relies on the goodwill and support of it's regular congregation and the community - as with every Church of England Church, we don't receive financial suport from the central church. 

The basic costs of St. Helen's church are around £1500 a week.

Most years St. Helen's church runs a budget deficit of several thousand pounds.

However, we are committed as a church to enriching our local community and sharing the love of Jesus!


How could you help?

All donation that you can make will be gratefully received.

Any donations in the form of cheques can be made out to ‘St. Helen's Church, Cliffe PCC’ 

and sent to:


The Treasurer

c/o The Rectory

145 Church Street




Could you donate a regular amount of money to help with the upkeep of our Grade I listed building?

Contact our treasurer, Doreen Ellis, for more details 01634 222223

Alternatively, we've been very blessed in the past by people leaving St. Helen's Church a legacy in their will.

These amounts are helping us do more to enrich our community. Again, contact Doreen Ellis for more details.


If you have time to spare and are (reasonably!) physically fit, could you help cut the grass in the churchyard?

Contact the Church warden, Robin Thompson, for more details 01634 221497


Thank you for your generosity!